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R&D Services

Devise leads research and development initiatives through the complete product life cycle. We essentially cater to…

Product Development

Devise offers products with new or different characteristics that offer new or additional benefits to the customer.

Market Representation

Devise supports global electronics components manufacturers to establish presence in the Indian market.


Devise has set up of training triggered by the increasing demand of trained and skilled manpower for the …

Devise Electronics

Devise Electronics works in the field of electronics with a key specialization in the automotive domain. We provide research and development services and training across the space of the automotive industry....

Core R&D
We have aided our clients to deliver their solutions and products to impact the critical factors for their end ...
Market Research
Devise provides key insights into the Market and supports strategy development and market research in the area ...
Product Validation
We have supported testing for a wide variety of validation tasks while working in conjunction with certified electronic ...
Engineering Services
We can provide a prudent engineering solutions to the industry with the experience of our experts & engineering team...

Internship Opportunities

Get a chance to be involved in following projects:

  1. Sensor Test Rig Development
  2. Bike Performance Monitoring System
  3. IOT for Passenger Car(VHMS)
  4. Open Source Electronics Lab as Training Associate
  5. IOT Solution for Home Appliances

Market Representation

Devise supports global electronics components manufacturers to establish presence in the Indian market.

Amphenol Advanced Sensors
Devise represents the automotive range of sensors from Amphenol Advanced Sensors in the Indian market.
Lithium Balance
Lithium Ion battery technology is taking a leap from personal electronics where it dominates as the energy storage medium to transport and industrial...
Today Pegasor PM sensors are the best choice for continuous real-time monitoring in applications like engine emissions, stack emissions, indoor air ...
Deep Thoughts
Deep Thoughts, specialize in offering high quality and cost effective hardware and software solutions in Automotive Electronics, Industrial ...

Our Training Areas

Devise Electronics conducts DeviseFest Electronics DIY workshops....

Automotive Technologies
Aims to provide participants theoretical knowledge along with hands on assembly...
Automotive Electronics
The Automotive Electronics Training is a thorough practical based training course...
Embedded Electronics
We offer courses in 3 major categories-Microcontroller-Linux-Automotive.
DIY & Open Source Electronics
DIY & Open Source Electronics is our structured approach towards creating a ...

Recent posts

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Devise has participated in Symposium on International Automotive Technology (SIAT) 2017, in Pune & Technology Day of Ashok Leyland at Chennai. Device has achieved appreciation awards for it's active participation in both the events.
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