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Embedded Electronics

One stop shop solutions for Automotive/Industrial electronics hardware/software development and prototyping

Modelling & Simulation

Model-Based Design with Simulink: Enables fast and cost-effective development of highly dynamic systems, including control systems.

Design and Integrated Solutions

One stop shop solutions for EV powertrain integration. Mechanical design support for electrical/electronics systems.

IoT and Data-Driven Platforms

IoT solutions for Automotive/Industrial applications. Guided Troubleshooting Solution for effective, efficient and traceable Automotive Diagnostics and Repair

Market Representation

Devise represents various European and Asian tier-1s with niche products in Automotive domain. We also provide complete support in the integration of these products in your systems.

Training & Assessment

Niche skill training in: EV/HEV powertrain, Automotive electronics, OBD, SCR, DPF etc. domains

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Indigenous- Employee Management and Tracking App

Indigenous- Employee Management and Tracking App

INDIGENOUS Do you have a team of employees who are always offsite to work? Having trouble keeping track of them?…

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Model Based Design for EV AND HEV

Model-Based Design (MBD) is a mathematical and visual method of addressing problems associated with designing complex control, signal processing and communication systems. It…

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ADAS for Indian Market

ADAS for Indian Market

In order to decrease the number of accidents or at least to minimize the impact, today’s vehicles are equipped with…

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Devise has participated in Symposium on International Automotive Technology (SIAT) 2017 and also in 2019, in Pune & Technology Day of Ashok Leyland at Chennai. Devise has achieved appreciation awards for it’s active participation in all the events.
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