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The invention of Lithium Ion technology in the batteries has opened new doors for electric energy storage systems. More compact, durable and reliable batteries pack is not a far-fetched idea anymore. Overcoming the basic drawback of the Lead-Acid and Ni-Cd batteries Li-Ion batteries are becoming more popular in almost all areas of electric energy storage devices.

But packaging Li-Ion batteries is not as simple and safe as that of earlier batteries. It requires a knowledge of many things viz. different chemistries, their strengths/limitations, heat generation during charging/discharging, safety standards and best practices etc.

Devise Electronics Pvt. Ltd. is one of the only few industries in India working in this area. We have in-house knowledge and capacity to support you in following aspects of battery pack design and development:

  • Deciding capacity of the battery pack for a specific application
  • Choosing between different chemistries of Li-Ion available in the market
  • Design and development of Li-ion battery pack
  • Prototyping