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While the whole world is gradually shifting to a sustainable transportation. We do not want yous to feel left alone. Join any of the following courses to keep up with the change. You can practically explore innovation involved in this field right from the beginning stages to the present age.

3 Days training

A course designed for students, professionals, enthusiasts alike. To keep abreast with the latest developments in the field of Electric Vehicles. We also make sure that you get acquainted with all possible terms related to EV.

Course Contents:

  1. Types and components of EV & HEV
  2. Introduction to vehicle traction
  3. Control systems in EV & HEV
  4. Electric motors
  5. Battery Technologies
  6. Charging & Regenerative Braking
  7. Thermal Issues in Batteries
  8. Recent Developments

                  Practical / Demo Session on 

                    1. Range and Power Calculations
                    2. Motor Controller
                    3. Battery Management System

                      7 Days Internship Program

                      A total 50 Hours course designed for the final year and pass out freshers who want to make their career in the EV & HEV industry. To specifically address the need of practical knowledge, we ensure more than 45% hands on sessions are conducted.

                      We also help students to get job / internship in the electric vehicles field.

                      Topics Covered

                      1. Comparatives with IC Engines
                      2. Architecture of Hybrid and Electric Vehicle
                      3. Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Topologies
                      4. Control Systems for Hybrid and Electric Vehicles
                      5. Battery Technology
                      6. Battery Charging and Thermal Management
                      7. Overview of Existing Technology
                      8. Hands on Practical on Electric 2 Wheeler Building