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An exciting opportunity for those who are headed to foreign universities for Master’s Program.
This is a self-paced internship program with specific deliverables. The topic will be aligned with your area of interest and the Master’s Program you are enrolled for.

Areas of Internship

  • Embedded Electronics
  • Automobile Electronics
  • Power Electronics
  • Product Design
  • Model-Based Design and Simulations
  • IOT
  • Hybrid & Electric Vehicle
  • Lithium Battery and Battery Management Systems
  • Android & iOS Application Development
Once you sign up, an interview shall be conducted to select your topic. The internship will start on 1st April 2018. Your interview and topic selection shall be undertaken before that.


Q: What is the Period of Internship?

A: This is a self-paced internship, up to 3 months.

Q: Who can enroll?

A: Those who have received ADMIT to any foreign universities for Masters.

Q: Can I enroll individually?

A: Yes, you can only enroll as an individual.

Q: What will you get at the end of Internship?

A: An Internship certificate, if you are able to complete the task (project work, white paper etc.).

Q: Do we need to come every day at the office?

A:  No, do not need to come to the office every day but come for a weekly brainstorming session.

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