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Today Pegasor PM sensors are the best choice for continuous real-time monitoring in applications like engine emissions, stack emissions, indoor air quality and ambient air quality.

Pegasor products are widely in use in these industrial applications by leading companies and researchers.

For future development and product & process integration, Pegasor is also actively partnering with leading industrial manufacturers and equipment suppliers.

Pegasor scientific partners include top research institutes in the field of aerosol science and engine emission characterisation.

Devise has signed MoU with Pegasor for technical sales of their portable PM analyser in Indian market.

Pegasor provides unique fine particle sensor technology and products that offer a competitive edge to its customers operating in vehicle emissions, stack emissions and air quality monitoring.

Our technology and sensors are the result of acknowledged and solid scientific research, as well as an extensive track record of industrial fine particle measurements.

Our products are available throughout Asia, Europe and North America via comprehensive network of local distributors and leading manufacturing partners.