Logic Optimization
07 Jul

Do you think having a cup of tea at 5th min depends really on good hands working for it?  In reality, all it depends on predefined steps followed up for making it testier. The same phrase is applicable for electronics industry as well. Building embedded logic for a bit complex system is not very difficult task to proceed but the main challenge here is to do the same with least effort in logic, So as to make it more robust with its functionality in all its test cases. While designing any c logic for a complex system, one should think a more on the concept by all mean so as to understand small bottlenecks that may arise in later phase of time.

Steps for proceeding any logic:

Ø  Understand all requirements for the system from customer, suggest them if any improvement can be done which you think of more importance to share and come out with proper list of requirement with which embedded developer should also be well aware so as to avoid bottleneck arising in later phase of time.

Ø  Designing a top level algorithm for flow of source code logic along with all necessary flowchart.

Ø  Discuss this top level algorithm with all your colleagues or team member and update your algorithm to make it more optimized and then share with your customer so as to be on track.

Ø  Work out with your pseudo code for pre designed algorithm.

Ø  At each and every step of logic in your pseudo code, try executing more suitable and best optimized way of c programming logic fulfilling all your test cases.

Ø  Once you are done all above steps, again have a common discussion with all team members regarding your best optimized and more robust pseudo code logic.

Ø  Here comes the implementation phase of c logic and step by step testing of c logic after uniform interval of time throughout your logic building process.


  • Thinking more on the concept before you implement it is always better to make it more versatile. Before implementing any of the logic, one should be get discussed among your team so as to find if further improvement is required in your logic or not.



By – Pavan Jadhav