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We can provide a prudent engineering solutions to the industry with the experience of our experts & engineering team…

Expertise on 2W, 3W, Passenger Cars & xEV System design and Prototyping. EV/HEV Architecture Development, Battery, BMS, Junction Box, Vehicle Level Integration
Emission Controls
Hands on Experience with different system architectures and subsystems for BS-VI. Systems Selection & Tuning, Controls, Algorithms & Diagnostics, MATLAB & Lab-VIEW based Test Interfaces, Product Testing and Validation
In-house product development
IOT enablement & Vehicle E/E Architecture Development. Two Wheeler Performance Monitoring System, CAN based data analytics for fleets, Wiring Harness Design, Guided Troubleshooting Tree Development for Effective Automotive Diagnosis and Repair
Automotive Electronics
Core Engineering through the various stages of development. Electronics Architecture, Electronics Hardware Mechanization, HIL Testing, simulation and Performance Analysis, Diagnostics Development

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