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At Devise, we work on many home automation projects for customized requirements. We also provide training in home automation basics.

A few of our projects are highlighted below:

Cylinder Weight Sensor

This project let user know the amount/quantity of gas that has remained inside a cylinder which is generally unpredictable for common man.

In this concept, we are going to make a system in which it reads the output value from the pressure sensor calibrates it and indicates the output through LED’s.

Automated Water Supply System

It is a simple concAutomated Water Supplyept that consists of soil moisture sensor, water pump and other supporting elements. It senses the moisture level inside the soil and once it crosses to predefine lower level signal, it actuates water pump for watering that desired pump.

Projects are done on new-age open source in in-house designed development boards. Boards employed include Arduino Uno, Raspberry Pi, AVR, Beagle Bone and others.