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Devise Electronics conducts DeviseFest Electronics DIY workshops.


Electronics has played a vital role in the progress of engine and vehicle technology. It has aided vehicles to clear compulsory standards concerning vehicle emissions. Electronics also plays a major role in providing enhanced comfort features like air conditioning control and have made vehicles more economical and efficient to operate, easier to drive and more attractive as a whole.

Most mechanical and hydraulically controlled sub-systems and components are now electrically actuated and controlled. Electronic throttle, Power Steering, Anti-Lock Braking System are just a few examples. Furthermore, inter-controller communication relies completely on the electronic CAN bus systems.

Devise Electronics offers a practical oriented training program automotive electronics covering base concepts to advanced elements training. The program is modular and designed to provide a wide breadth into the field of automotive electronics, including advanced topics of software calibration process, engine mapping and tuning.

The training broadly covers all subsystems of the engine and vehicle. Hands-on experience provides knowledge of how sensors and actuators work. Various fuel injection systems are also covered.