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The Automotive Electronics Training is a thorough practical based training course covering the entire breadth of engine and vehicle electronics.

The course is designed for mid-career engineers with 5 to 10 years of experience.

  1. Basic Electronics
  2. Electronics Refresher
  3. Engine and Vehicle Basics
  4. Basis Automotive Electronics
  5. Advanced Engine Electronics
  6. Controls Theory
  7. Powertrain and Vehicle Controls
  8. Electronics Fuel System and Engine Performance I
  1. Electronics Fuel System and Engine Performance II
  2. Engine Emissions
  3. Basic Diagnostics, Troubleshooting and Repair
  4. Advanced Powertrain and Vehicle Controls
  5. On Board Diagnostics
  6. Hybrid, EVs and Solar
  7. Connected Vehicles

Automotive Electronics: An Eye-Opener

4 hrs
  • Theory: 1.5 hrs
  • Lab: 2.5 hrs
  • Introducing Automotive Electronics
  • Electronics in Engines and Vehicle
  • Sensors and Actuators
  • Electronics in Vehicle systems – suspension, steering, body, chassis, safety, infotainment, comfort and convenience features.
  • Introduction to connected vehicles.
  • Hands-on demonstration of engine and vehicle features with simulator
  • Hands-on on sub-system hardware rigs like power windows system and infotainment system.
Course Materials
All the participants will be given:
  • Presentations and other related material.